I think one of the most satisfying things in life is when you manage to get the shower to exactly the right temperature without burning all your skin off or giving yourself hypothermia

The feelsy feels of feelsy town((or an alternative title: m E SCREAMING))



S HIT.((well n OW HE CAN’T)) He thought dumbly to himself as he shoved the knife back into the bag and retrieved a pair of scissors. The marine tried a moment to articulate himself however, being so flustered from his blunder he could only utter a weak. “Uh… well…” Mark paused once more to try and put everything together.

"I had this friend with me that got shot in the eye…" a bitter and vaguely nauseated grimace adorned his visage  "I remember it…  it was, like, rotting inside his eye so…" the taught voice trailed off a moment practically wishing he could pretend none of this was happening "I’m gonna need to take it out before it starts to decay." 

"It shouldn’t hurt to bad but it might feel really weird." A tightening in the marines stomach caused him to grimace, but only for a moment. Large fingers tried gingerly to hold Johns face in place as he tried to get a feel for the kind of precise work he’d be getting himself into. The thick appendage moved to the knot of the filthy cloth that was probably doing more damage to the mutilated socket than good. Once the cloth was gone his face hardened and all emotion had been pushed aside so the blonde couldn’t pick up how bad Mark was probably freaking out. The remaining flesh was swollen and leaking what appeared to be film with what looked like puss hanging. He was shocked that he hadn’t mentioned any irritations. Busied hand immediately went to work at disinfecting the area around the eye. Silently praying the swelling would go down.

The marine was fairly certain that, although his features offered no expression to indicate how he was feeling the sudden pallor across usually tan skin pretty much gave away at least a sign that the large man operating this small scale surgery was in no way pleased with doing this. 

"Alright this should be over soon." 

"Wait wait wait? So you’re really going to take it out?" John’s voice cracked as he stared at the scissors with an expression of sheer terror. Panic settled into his stomach, flipping it every which way and sent his heart rate through the proverbial roof. 

Immediately he gripped Mark’s arm with a force he swore could leave bruises.

"It shouldn’t hurt? Are you fucking nuts?" He felt frozen in horror as the bandage was removed, his jaw falling ajar.

"Oh my God do you know what the fuck you’re even doing? What if I say no? Mark!” He shoved the Marine away, his breathing heightened to a level of panicked hyperventilation.

"Dude give me a fucking second here alright? You’re about to take my fucking eye out of my skull! Just tell me what you’re gonna do. I just gotta know before you go diggin’ my eye out, okay?”

The push had absolutely no muscle behind it, however Mark found himself backing away involuntary. This was getting bad fast, he couldn’t have that bandage on his head any longer and the longer they waited the bigger the risk was of John getting some type of infection. “Okay, at least let me redress that bandage. It’s old and i can’t believe you haven’t been complaining of, like, itchiness.” He tried not to look in to the addict’s eyes and put all of his focus on the scenery behind him. 

It was a verdant landscape just before the city and Mark had been known to love nature walks. It calmed him to see the light touch the leaves. So, to avoid the crappy speech he was almost ready to give, Mark took a split second to occupy his thoughts with something relaxing. 

"I’m gonna need to cut out the eye and somehow lubricate it so it doesn’t dry up." He blurted followed by a sharp inhale. Mark was waiting for the big, explosive reaction and, honestly, he couldn’t blame him. The man barely knew what he was doing and was basing this off of the treatment he’d watched his friend get. "But, if you don’t want me to do it I won’t and I completely understand, It’s just i don’t want to risk an infection." The strangled voice forced out. Mark hated delivering bad news and he wanted to be more insistent about the treatment, however he decided that it would be better if John decided of his own accord. 

"I mean it’s best that we get it done asap, John. I mean,I hate to say it but it’s only gonna get worse." 


me during the whole month of october 

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i enjoy how they didnt over sexualize their prince costumes. like esp with jasmine. she couldve totally been in aladdin’s vest, but nope. fully clothed. thanks. 

laughing because Mulan looks the same

things i loved more then i expected, this

this is honestly one of my favorite posts ever

I really like this



Kush entirely too fucking loud



Kush entirely too fucking loud


"text me when you get home" means "i love you, be safe." 


Kids playing with a water hose during coast guard demonstration.


Kids playing with a water hose during coast guard demonstration.